Trial Consulting

Opinion Research Associates provides research-based trial consulting for law firms of all sizes, from solo practitioners to the largest firms. The results of our work allow clients to make fact-based decisions regarding trial presentation and jury selection.

Mock Trials

In a mock trial, an impending case is introduced before a group of mock jurors. The objective is to identify the strengths and weaknesses of both plaintiff and defense.

Respondents hear opening statements, some key witness testimony and closing arguments, much as in an actual trial. Mock jurors are then given jury instructions and directed to deliberate on the issues and reach a verdict.

Each mock trial is tailored to meet the specific needs of the client. A mock trial can last from a few hours to a day or more.

Focus Groups

The focus group method allows exploration of the complex reasoning behind juror reactions. We often conduct several groups to explore alternative trial themes and approaches to evidence.

Through the use of focus groups, the trial team is given the opportunity to help shape and refine case presentation.

Jury Selection

Jury selection develops demographic and psychographic models to predict juror favorability. Pool jurors can then be rated on information from court questionnaires and in voir dire.

Survey Research

A community survey is a public opinion survey that identifies the community’s attitudes about a case or a set of issues, and interprets the data demographically.

The community surveyed may be a city, county, state, or other configurations.

Some benefits of such a survey are in knowing:

  • The demographics of a favorable/unfavorable juror.
  • The community’s views about the issues.
  • The most effective case presentation.
  • If you can get a fair trial in that venue.