Welcome to Opinion Research Associates, Inc.

Founded in 1983 by social scientists Ernest J. Oakleaf, PhD, and Zoe D. Oakleaf, PhD, Opinion Research Associates is an independent, full-service market research company specializing in opinion surveys and polls as well as complete focus group services for a wide range of clients who need high quality data collection and analysis.

Developing insightful and useful information through various methods, including survey research and focus groups, on-site observation, and secondary research, Opinion Research Associates assists various clients who desire to learn more about their respective markets for planning and strategic purposes.

For more than 30 years, Opinion Research Associates has conducted a myriad of opinion studies for a wide variety of private, commercial, public, governmental, and political clients.

Clients have included financial institutions from around the region, numerous hospitals and other health related concerns, law firms, utilities, advertising agencies, various entities within the leisure industry, communities, retail companies, restaurants, non-profit agencies, advocacy groups, and educational institutions, among others.

ORA has worked with political clients at various levels of government, including candidates for governor, lieutenant governor, U.S. House of Representatives, U.S. Senate, and the Arkansas General Assembly, as well as conducted focus groups and surveys regarding ballot issues and candidates for local office.

ORA has conducted numerous media sponsored, publicly released surveys for such clients as the Arkansas Gazette, KTHV television, the Arkansas Educational Television Network, Arkansas Business, the Arkansas Times, the Stephens Media Group/Arkansas News Bureau, and KATV television.

Opinion Research Associates has also conducted a large number of studies on attitudes concerning tobacco use. These studies have included both statewide and local studies in the states of Arkansas, Louisiana, Alabama, Mississippi, Kentucky, and Tennessee for clients including the American Cancer Society and the Arkansas Department of Health.  Now is

In addition, ORA conducted focus groups and surveys statewide in Arkansas to assist the implementation of the Affordable Care Act.